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Recycling Centre – The Ball Mill

The Ball Mill is responsible for diverting approximately 70% of wheelie bin waste from landfill and is the only one of its kind in the UK.

The Ball Mill is a huge drum similar to a washing machine. Instead of washing powder contains 42 tonnes of steel balls.

Waste is fed into the drum, which rotates causing the balls to pummel and grind the waste into much smaller pieces. The waste then drops through small grates on the inside of the drum on to conveyor belts and then travels through a series of extraction processes.



Are extracted by magnets and eddy- currents and will be sent away to be turned into new metals products.


Are extracted by air streams, which blow the light materials into a container. This material is called FLOC and is used as a fuel to create energy from waste.


Is extracted via a flip flow system by a large sieve and is collected and sent to our Anaerobic Digester and turned into a soil conditioner.

So, all PLASTICS, CARDBOARD, LIGHT MATERIALS, METALS and FOOD WASTE can be extracted out of wheelie bins waste and diverted from landfill.

Click here to view the Ball Mill leaflet, or for a more complex explanation to the Ball Mill and the various extraction processes click here.
Below shows the items that are mechanically removed from your wheelie bin waste – and what happens to them:

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