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In November 2002, Biffa Waste Services and Leicester City Council commenced a 25-year partnership, through a fully integrated waste management contract under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI), forming a new company called ‘Biffa Leicester’.

PFI is a government approach of providing financial support for partnerships between the public and private sector.

Central Government funding enables local authorities to pay the private sector for specific projects, in the form of payments known as PFI “credits”. PFI is not just a different way of borrowing money; the loans are paid back over the period of the PFI scheme by the service provider who is at risk if the service is not delivered to standard throughout.

Biffa Leicester is responsible for the collection, treatment and disposal of Leicester City’s household waste, including a weekly recycling collection to the city’s 120,000 households as well as managing the two recycling centres and the many recycling banks across the city.

Biffa Leicester has an innovative Ball Mill enabling Leicester to divert approximately 70% of its wheelie bin waste away from landfill, enabling the recovery and diversion of material from households that actively participate in the kerbside recycling scheme.

As developments regarding Recycling are introduced Biffa Leicester has a continuous improvement structure enabling its residents to take advantage of increased recycling availability.

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