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What time should my bin and orange recycling bags be presented for collection?

Wheelie bins and orange bags should be presented from 7am on your collection day. If you are not sure what day your collection is, please contact us.

What do I do if the crews miss my bin/bags?

If your recycling bags or wheelie bin has been presented since 7am on collection day and has not been collected, please contact us and we will re-visit and empty/collect them by the end of the next working day.

How do I go about arranging an Assisted Collection?

Residents that are elderly and/or disabled and cannot present their wheelie bin/recycling bags at the kerbside can request assistance. In such cases the bin/bag can be collected from an agreed point, for example from the side gate, and returned once emptied.

To request an assisted collection please contact us.

I need a new bin?

If you require a new or replacement wheelie bin, please contact us and we deliver one to you within five working days.

I need some more orange recycling bags ?

Within your roll of orange bags will be a sticker requesting, “more bags please”. Write your house number and street in the space provided and affix the sticker to the side of one of your used orange bags when putting out for collection. The recycling collectors will see your sicker and leave you a new roll of bags.

If you don’t have a sticker, or have misplaced it, please contact us.

How many orange recycling bags can I put out for collection at once?

You can put out as many orange recycling bags as you need to.

I would just like to say…

If you have something to tell us, whether it is a complaint or a compliment, please contact us, we will respond within three working days.

Where can I recycle these items?

Use rechargeable batteries as they can be used over and over again. However, you can recycle car batteries at the HWRC’s

You can take old bikes to one of the HWRC’s

You can recycle books at the Recycling Bring Sites or HWRC’s

Aluminium and steel cans should be put into your orange recycling bags . They can also be recycled at the Recycling Bring Sites or HWRC’s

Household cardboard (cereal boxes, egg boxes etc) should be put into your orange recycling bags. Large pieces of cardboard (from items such as TV’s etc) can be flattened and put out alongside your recycling bags/bins or be recycled at the Recycling Bring Sites or HWRC’s

You can take unwanted furniture items to the HWRC’s

Fridges / White goods & Electrical equipment
You can take electrical items, fridges, freezers etc to the HWRC’s  for recycling or donate items in good condition to charities.

Glass bottles and jars should be recycled in the orange recycling bags . However, you can also recycle them at the Recycling Bring Sites and HWRC’s

Kitchen/Garden waste
Kitchen scraps and small amounts of garden waste can be put into your black wheelie bin, where the Ball Mill will extract it out.

If you have a large garden and need a regular garden waste collection, you can sign up to the new garden waste service.

Alternatively you  can make your own compost at home using your garden waste or take it to your HWRC’s.

You can dispose scrap metal at the HWRC’s.

Engine Oil
You can take oil to your HWRC’s for recycling.

All paper, newspaper, and magazines should be recycled through the orange recycling bags . You can also recycle paper at Recycling Bring Sites or the HWRC’s

Plastic Bottles
All Plastic bottles should be recycled through the orange recycling bags . They can also be recycled at your HWRC’s

Soil / Hardcore
You can recycle soil/hardcore at your HWRC’s

You can donate old clothes to charities or recycle them by using the textile banks at Recycling Bring Sites or at the HWRC’s

See your local directory for garages that send tyres for recycling.

Wood can be recycled at the HWRC’s

Old, scratched CD’s can be recycled at the HWRC’s.

Fluorescent Tubes
You can recycle fluorescent tubes at Freemen’s Common HWRC

Laser/Inkjet Cartridges
ou can recycle laser/inkjet cartridges at the HWRC’s and help raise money for Tommy’s Babies Charity.

Mobile Phones
You can recycle mobile phones at the HWRC’s and help raise money for Help the Aged.

You can recycle paint at the HWRC’s

You can recycle spectacles at the HWRC’s and help raise money for Help the Aged.

Videos & cassettes
You can recycle old videos & cassettes at the HWRC’s.

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